Business Hours

Monday to Friday – 9am – 7pm ish

As I have two young children I try to be home for 6:30, but this is flexible within reason, I am available on the phone until 7pm ish.


£45 per hour

Minimum charge is 1 hour, and 40p per mile when traveling further than 15 miles. I can supply a invoice / receipt for any work done, I am not VAT registered.


6 Month checkup

I recommend a computer check-up every 6 months to protect against potential hardware problems, security issues, backup and to keep the computer optimised for speed and performance. Click here for more info.


When the problem seems terminal, it could be something simple to fix.

Spyware & Virus security

A recent Internet security survey reported that 89% of consumer PCs are infected with spyware. I am an Authorised Eset Security software reseller,  the only Anti-Virus worth paying for!

ESET Authorised Reseller ESET Authorised Reseller

Online child safety

Do you want certain types of websites blocked on computer, tablet or phone?  I can help you control what content can and cannot be viewed.

Networking computers

Do you have more than 1 computer, do you want to share printers and files between machines?

Hardware supplies

I always keep in stock the important parts like hard-drives, power supplies, wireless routers etc, at a competitive price.

Data recovery

When your worst nightmare happens, and your computer has lost precious data, it often can be recovered.

Wireless Broadband

Do you need the convenience of wireless internet? I can setup the security and get you connected.

Internet setup

Whatever type of connection you need, I can help get you online.

Phone & email support

Some problems can be solved on the phone or via email. 

Wi-Fi problems and extending

Does your Wi-Fi need extending? Is your Wi-Fi unreliable? I can solve that.

Remote Support

Sometimes its just quicker and easier to connect remotely, and If you need help, and have an internet connection, I can help.


I can set you up with some simple (free) backup software, that takes 3 clicks of the mouse to run the backup, and automated online backup.

System check-ups

This includes checking for errors, malicious software and optimising the performance, a PC MOT.

General Windows Tuition

Speaking in plain English, I can teach you to get familiar with many programs, and their ways of working.I can create easy to follow instructions for pretty much anything you want to learn. Have a look at this example, “How to insert images into Microsoft Word”

Upgrades & advice

Thinking of buying a new PC, or wanting to speed up your current system? I can help you decide.

Sound engineering

As a qualified sound engineer, I can help you do pretty much anything you want to do with music on a PC, or putting music onto your PC.