About me

I started PC Prop computer support and repair business in 2003, when computers and dial up internet were slow and laptops were rare! Although some of the challenges have changed, the repair approach hasn’t. I still enjoy the daily challenge from troublesome WiFi, to accelerating computers operating at ‘the speed of a striking slug’.

I find the best approach is to fix ‘on site’ as usually it’s not necessary to take the computer away, but if I need to take it away you’ll be kept informed on the progress and before costly repairs. I find its best to avoid using jargon and keep the language of computers simple.

Integrity is the foundation of my business approach; and customer satisfaction is the highest priority. You can expect a confidential and reliable service with a smile.

History and experience

I’ve been using computers for over 25 years and have various IT, media & music technology qualifications, which suits me very well for the world of PC support and repairs. I currently have a good mix of over 400 home and business customers using my support services.

I have the advantage of being dyslexic, as those with dyslexia are well known for being highly creative and having sudden leaps of insight that solve problems with an unorthodox approach.  Dyslexics have the ability to see how things connect to form complex systems, which is a great strength in the world of IT support!

Personal viewpoint

I thoroughly enjoy working as a PC technician, beating the challenge of a stubborn computer is highly rewarding. I get to make a positive difference to peoples computing experience, and help people make the most of their PC.

My other online content

I write music (with a computer) under the producer name Monsterphonic. To listen / download, click the image above.

As a keen mountain biker, I have a Youtube page with mountain bike videos I’ve recorded. To watch, click the image above.