computer checkup

6 month checkup

I recommend a computer check-up every 6 months, to protect against potential hardware problems, security issues and keep the computer optimised for speed and performance.

The 6 month service includes the following:

  •       Full virus and malware scan with removal of any threats
  •       Full hard drive scan to check its physical condition
  •       Internal temperature check to ensure it’s not overheating
  •       Cleaning of any fans and airflow systems
  •       RAM memory check
  •       Scan and repair of computer registry
  •       Removal of corrupt files and programs
  •       Removal of unused and unwanted software
  •       Prevent unneeded programs starting when machine boots
  •       Switch off unnecessary background software
  •       Backup of your important photos, music, documents etc

Fixed price £50 for all of the above

Once this process is completed your computer will be back to new with the peace of mind that everything is functioning well. I can offer advice on anything that might not be functioning properly and outline where your money would be best spend if you’re looking to upgrade performance.

To book a service, email or call me on 07740 167318