Pointer Hints

Here are some of the basics of controlling windows, something that all PC users should know.

Moving, stretching and resizing Windows

1. Moving a window, the first lesson in learning to control windows
2. Stretching windows, nearly all windows can be stretched.
3. Control the size of a window when it pops up for the first time, use this handy hint
4. A useful and quick way to maximise any window


Split the screen easily

For this example, there is a window with Google, and a window for email behind.

To easily split the two follow this:

1. Drag the Google window right until mouse pointer touches edge of screen


2. a box is drawn, indicating where the window will be placed, release the mouse button

3. the window is pinned to the right.
4. repeat the same process on the left with the email window and you’ll get both windows pinned left and right

Close window in top left


If you double (left) click the top left icon of a window, it will close,  if you click once, it gives you a few window options.

Mouse button confusion?

The best way to remember which button does what is, left button is ‘action’ button and the right button is ‘more options’ button.


 Action          More Options
Middle button scrolling
If you are using Internet Explorer (or Chrome, Firefox, etc) or reading an Adobe Acrobat document, you can easily scroll round it.  Move the mouse pointer to somewhere in the middle of the screen, then press down on the roller wheel on your mouse, press it until you hear the click,  the mouse pointer drops an arrow symbol.\"\" Now anywhere you move the mouse around this point, the page will scroll in that direction. To stop this scroll method, press any mouse button. If you are using a laptop touchpad, you may find this method works by pressing both left and right mouse buttons at the same time.
Selecting lots of files

Using shift – Left click once the first one file, highlighting it, now move the mouse to the bottom of the list, then press and hold SHIFT then left click the file that you want at the bottom of the selection, you will now see they are all selected

Using ctrl – allows you to select individual files, hold down CTRL and left click on an few files, and they will be selected, click the file again to un-select it.

Lassoing – with the mouse pointer at a little distance from the files left click and drag the mouse over the files, lassoing them with the box.