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Internet hints
Never type www. .com ever again

When the website you want is a .com, just type the name of the site into the address eg ‘pcprop’ then press CTRL+Enter to add the dot com and go to the sitectrl+enter

Using ” ”  inverted commas in Google or Ebay, Yahoo, Bing.

When you put multiple words into inverted commas, the search engine will only find results with those words in that exact order, and instantly narrowing down the results. In this example all the results will contain Stroud Choral Society :

Google with inverted commas

Using – (minus) in Google or Ebay, Yahoo, Bing

By putting a – infront of a word in the search engine, that word will removed from the search results. So continuing from the previous hint, lets remove results for Facebook and Bristol

Google with inverted commas and negatives

Search for results within a single website

If you want to search for a word within 1 website, without getting results for other websites, here’s how. For example: to search for the word help within, type in help.

Open link in new tab

Press and hold CTRL key and click on a link and it’ll open in a new tab.

Restore a previously closed Tab

Press and hold CTRL+SHIFT, then press T

Close current Tab

Press and hold CTRL+W

View the web page in full screen mode

Press F11, press it again to return to normal mode.

Zoom the view

Hold down CTRL and roll the middle mouse wheel


Hold down CTRL and press + or on the keyboard
Press CTRL and 0 (zero) to return to 100%

Open a link in a new window

Hold SHIFT while clicking the link

Pull out Tabs
You can pull a tab away from the top which will bring it into its own window. To do this, left click and hold onto the tab and pull downwards.
Fill in forms quicker
If you are filling out a form, you can press TAB (above caps lock) to move to the cursor to next entry box, try below :

 Enter some text here

 Press tab to start typing here

and again….

you get the idea