Free Software Downloads

General software

Touch Freeze – If you find the cursor jumps around while your typing a document, it is because your palm touches the mouse pad and moves the cursor. Install this utility to disable your laptop mouse pad automatically while you are typing text.

F.lux – Your computer screen gives out daylight colours and after dark your eyes can find this too bright, this software warms up your computer display at night, and it may also help you sleep better!

Cute PDF Writer – PDF creator, print anything to a virtual printer that creates PDF’s

1001 Free Fonts – More fonts than anyone needs

Open Shell – Get the Windows 7 style start menu on your Windows 10 and feel at home again.

File system

Everything Search – This will find files on your computer instantly, SOOO much faster than a windows file search.

Spacemonger 1.4 -Visually keep track of large files and hard disc space

Microsoft’s Sync Toy – Synchronize 2 folders, great for backing up to memory stick!

Imaging software

Image resizer powertoy – Lets you resize images by right-clicking on it.

GIMP – Graphical Image Manipulation Program, picture editing

Video / Audio / Music creation

Shotcut Video Editor – Video editor, a bit simpler than Lightworks

Lightworks  – The most powerful free video editor around

VLC media player – This plays most multimedia files as well as DVDs, Audio CDs

Audacity – A free, open source, cross-platform audio software for multi-track recording and editing

LMMS – Let’s make music, free, cross-platform tool for your computer. Let your musical creativity flow!

Interesting Websites

World wind map – an interactive mesmerising map, (press the Earth word for full menu of options)

Real time lightning maps – find out where the lightning hits and direction they’re traveling

Time Travel in Google Earth – Click the view menu and choose Historical Imagery, then drag the little slider.

Useful Websites

Highways Agency – Real-Time traffic conditions.

Directory Enquiries – Find that telephone number

Recommend Local Business

Red Piranha Photography – For a professional but personal service, Gary is your man!

Cytek Cycles – A great service, very honest, and they won’t sell you the wrong thing to make a quick sale.

Sterling Select Insurance Services – A friendly team and always a pleasure to know they’re on your side.

Broody Designs – Handcrafted Artwork & Quality Chicken Feathers for Sale.

Sophia Hughes  – Paintings,  Sculpture and Ceramics by my mother, of course I’m going to recommend her.


Your brain at work – A 55 min youtube video, David Rock talks about how the brain functions, giving huge insights into why you think the way you think, and how to manage the brain, very enlightening!

You vs Your Brain – A two page piece I wrote, after attending a seminar about the brain.