Internet Browsing tips

These tips work with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari


Never type www. .com ever again

When the website you want is a .com, just type the name of the site into the address bar (as below) eg ‘pcprop’ then press CTRL+Enter to automatically add the rest

Make the most of Search Engines Using ” ” speech marks

To search for “Matt Hughes”, restricts the results to contain only the words between the speech marks. eg.

“Matt Hughes”

 Remove words from search results using – (minus)

You can omit words from search results by putting a – infront of the word. For example, I was looking on Ebay for a second hand estate car, but I didnt want any results for Rover, Citroen, or BMW, so I typed this into the Ebay search:

estate car -rover -citroen -bmw

I also wanted to search Google for a second hand car without any results from Ebay, so I type this into the search box:

second hand cars -ebay 

Search for results within a single website

If you want to search for a word within 1 website, without getting results for other websites, here’s how.

For example: to search for the word help within, type in help. help

Using Accelerators Accelerators icon  (Internet Explorer)

1. Highlight some text that you want to searth the internet for

Highlight some text

2. Click the Accelerator button to display the list of Accelerators

3. Click the option you want, Search with Google, or whatever you have on your list.

You can remove or add them by clicking All Accelerators, then Manage Accelerators.

 Fill in forms quicker

If you are filling out a form, you can press TAB (above caps lock) to move to the cursor to next entry box, try below :

 Enter some text here

 Press tab to start typing here

and again….

you get the idea

View the web page in full screen mode

Press F11. Press again to return to normal mode.

Zoom the view

Hold down CTRL and roll the middle mouse wheel
Hold down CTRL and press + or – on the keyboard
Press CTRL + 0 (zero) to return to 100%

Open a link in a new window

Hold SHIFT while clicking the link

Open link in a new Tab

Hold CTRL while clicking the link

Restore a previously closed Tab (I think this is clever)

Press and hold CTRL+SHIFT, then press T.