Free Software

F.lux – Your computer screen gives out daylight colours and after dark your eyes can find this too bright, this software warms up your computer display at night, and it may also help you sleep better!

Touch Freeze – If you find the cursor jumps around while your typing a document, it is because your palm touches the mouse pad and moves the cursor. Install this utility to disable your laptop mouse pad automatically while you are typing text.

Spacemonger 1.4 -Visually keep track of large files and hard disc space

Cute PDF Writer – PDF creator, print anything to a virtual printer that creates PDF’s

1001 Free Fonts – More fonts than anyone needs

Microsoft’s Sync Toy – Synchronize 2 folders, great for backing up to memory stick!

Image resizer powertoy – Lets you resize images by right-clicking on it.

Shotcut Video Editor – Powerful video editing tool

GIMP – Graphical Image Manipulation Program, picture editing