Free Software

F.lux – Your computer screen gives out daylight colours and after dark your eyes can find this too bright, this software warms up your computer display at night, and it may also help you sleep better!

Touch Freeze – If you find the cursor jumps around while your typing a document, it is because your palm touches the mouse pad and moves the cursor. Install this utility to disable your laptop mouse pad automatically while you are typing text.

Spacemonger 1.4 -Visually keep track of files and hard disc space

Cute PDF Writer – PDF creator, create documents for Adobe Acrobat.

1001 Free Fonts – More fonts than anyone needs

Freemake Video downloader – Download nearly any video from any website.

Freemake Video (& audio) converter – Convert any video (or audio), to any format, to play on anything

K9 Web Protection – Internet filter and parental control software, provides a safe Internet for your family.

Free Microsoft software

Microsoft Security Essentials  Free anti virus, auto updating

Office 2007 Compatibility pack – If you use Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, etc) that is not the 2007 version, then you’ll need this to be able to read documents created (by others) on the latest version.

Microsoft’s Sync Toy – Synchronize 2 folders, great for backing up!

Windows XP Tweak UI (User Interface) – a useful program that allows you to tweak things like thumbnail size.

Desktop Backgrounds

These pictures will open in a new window, you can then right click on the image and select Set as Background

Simple Guides (Windows XP)

(if you want to save the downloads, right click on download and choose Save Target As…)

Windows XP – How to use Outlook ExpressThis is a 8 page document with the basics of how to email, use the address book and send attachments.

PDF document

Windows XP – How to stop Outlook Express asking to compact messages. an easy to follow 2 page document, that stops this message appearing every time you close Outlook Express

PDF document

Windows XP – How to retrieve missing emails after Outlook Express has compacted messages. Windows XPa 1 page document, that explains how to retrieve your missing emails, and about compaction. PDF document


Windows XP Themes

Give XP a much needed face lift with a new theme.
Media Center style start menu . Zune style start menu.

Click Run / Open to install the theme, then right-click on your desktop and go to Properties. Next click on the Appearance tab, and under Windows and buttons select “Media Center style.” or “Zune style”